hidup tak seindah mimpi, tak secerah mentari , tak secantik pelangi, tak sedamai angin, tak setenang laut.



i may not always be by your side ,
but my prayers will be with you .
i may not always help you ,
but deep inside you know i want to .
i may not always do what you like ,
but i will do the best i can .
i may not always understand ,
but we can still walk hand in hand .
i may not be the perfect one ,
i may not be the best out there ,
but in spite and despite all these ,
you can be sure somebody cares ! 

pen - off .


nurulazitazailan said...

errrrrr jaz ~ ape lahh yang tengah ade dalam hati dan pemikiran hang sekang nih. currious to know lahh ! hahha