hidup tak seindah mimpi, tak secerah mentari , tak secantik pelangi, tak sedamai angin, tak setenang laut.


do's and don'ts in Ramadhan

i think its still not late for me to share some info about Ramadhan right ? alhamdulillah , we had done our duty for the first six day and still move towards to the seventh day . hopefully that we can complete our duty as a muslim in these good month .

however , in Ramadhan , it not just require us to fast . it come with several more . and there still also have the thing that we should not do .

lastly , we should put all of our effort to do all this . its not easy to do that . but , we should change ourselves . no pain no gain . 

pen - off .


mizz_pua said...

salam ramadhan jugak . jgn makan bile puasa . haha